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    Brodigan Photography offers contemporary photography for people and their work... naturally. We capture your life as it really happens -- real expressions; real moments.

    Our business photography captures this authentic feel, too. Soft lighting; genuine expressions, and always a relaxed atmosphere. Let us capture you, your family or your business, how you really are.
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Photos from JAB-ers Night Out @ Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach

Lots of fun, free fashion tips and goodies this week during the “Just Ask Boo” Night Out at Neiman Marcus, Palm Beach. Mini make-overs by Anushka and the bang bar and lash bar made everyone look way stylin’. Ashley’s got the winners of Fashionista Bingo in next week’s Just Ask Boo Newsletter. Sign up for the best tips and inside deals from gals in the know — you and your friends! Thanks so much to Neiman’s, the JAB team and all who made it such a fun — and good lookin’ — night!

Show Us the Love and Win A Free Photo Session for Valentine’s Day!

Love comes in all shapes, sizes and ways, right? We’ve got four ways to celebrate that love without spending anything (unless you want to!).

Send us your most loving photo of: you and your loved one, baby love, family love
or puppy love;

We’ll post the best images and pick our favorites in each category on February 14th.
The winner of each category (romantic/baby/family/dog) will receive a free photo session and digital sharing set from Brodigan Photography!

You can post your photos right here, or to our email:

Show us the love, and we’ll capture that love for both of you to share!
But hurry — submissions MUST be posted by NOON, Tuesday, February 14th.

So get romantic, grab that family or pooch, get inspired and show us the love!

Who do ya’ love? Valentines Photos and free frames!

Valentine’s is coming up, and the guy/gal who has everything, doesn’t have a (good) picture of you!

Well, we can solve that problem on a budget! All our mini-sessions (about 30-40 painless minutes of your time) come with a copy of your favorite image, in one of these great little frames! Each fits a 2×3″ image. You’ll also receive a digital copy of the file to share with everyone!
But hurry — valentines mini-sessions with free frame and photo are only $125, but must be photographed by Sunday, February 5, 2012.
Click “contact me” in the menu bar above now, and show ’em who loves em with a great new photo and frame to remind him/her all year!

Tips for Great Holiday Photos and Cards

I’ve got some great, easy tips for successful holiday photos, so read on…

The next few weeks most of us will spend time on the computer frantically trying to find that great picture from summer vacation where we were all together and smiling…

If you found it, congratulations! You’re ready to make your holiday cards – and that’s the fun part. At Brodigan Photography, we offer a great set of customizable holiday cards here here

OK – tips for making great holiday cards and photos – and don’t worry. I’ll explain anything here to you by phone or email; just ask. Here goes:

Make a good quality photo:
Point and shoot cameras can only capture even, well-lit subjects. I recommend turning your flash off (this will prevent red eye), trying to find enough natural light, and setting your ISO (the camera’s light sensitivity) to 400. Small cameras make grainy pictures using ISO 800 or more. Sometimes the background is brighter than your subject (a white linoleum floor, an outdoor setting, etc.). If you can overexpose your image by pushing the “+” sign in the exposure menu, do it. Also, if you’re indoors, try to adjust the light setting on your camera to what’s on around you… florescent? Incandescent? Sometimes auto just isn’t good at color balancing the light, and you’ll get really yellow, orange or even green pictures without making that adjustment.

Just remember these few things that make for a good quality photo: no shadows across faces, good exposure, no distracting backgrounds (tourists, garbage cans, etc.); large enough file size to reproduce

Special offer: check out the “special offers” tab on the left side of the site for some just announced holiday offers; only through Nov. 30!

Next: Make sure what you’re shooting is something worth saving and sharing:
A good moment: everyone’s together, enjoying themselves. They don’t have to be looking at the camera or smiling; just pick one that makes you smile; that brings back a happy memory. Your choice may surprise you. And if you do have a great location from a summer trip, show it off, for the rest of us!

Don’t worry about how you were dressed too much. The moment and the light is more important.
If you are setting up a family photo, you can encourage people to wear clothes that do not have logos, don’t have patterns or stripes, and are complimentary to them. Some people just shouldn’t wear shorts. Enough said.

And don’t forget — If you’d like to have a more recent photo, or you missed that summer photo op (like me, because I was at the computer all summer), check out our new holiday specials — just click our “special offers” tab on the left side of our site…

You can always call or email me for free advice! May all your holidays be memorable (in a good way) and all your shopping be painless…


Leapin’ Lizards! Scary Guys and Pretty Princesses (Halloween 2011)

Great costumes and good times at Leapin’ Lizards indoor playground in West Palm Beach, for Halloween 2011. Email me ( with the number of your kiddo’s photo, and we’ll send it to ya! Thanks to all the pirates, vampires, scary guys and princesses for making it such a fun night! (And a special thanks to PJ for having us!).

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